On set pics #H50 #alexoloughlin 2012

I’ve gotten behind on posting some BTS photos that have popped up on twitter the past week or so. Here are a few that I nabbed and wanted to share with the non-tweeting peeps. Enjoy!

What is his face?? I mean really. Just stop it. #nodontFrom Kensiestew Instagram

What is his face?? I mean really. Just stop it. #nodont
From Kensiestew Instagram

DUSTY!!!! From @TristanLeabu

From @TristanLeabu

Tristan Leabu and Mom with Alex. 2012

Tristan Leabu and Mom with Alex. 2012



8 thoughts on “On set pics #H50 #alexoloughlin 2012

  1. Hey, SJ2 (Junk Kicker) remember when you said this…. “It is TEILOR’S SMILE that tells the story of an established relationship and confirms our intutions about Alex – when a man is so obviously loved by an unrelated child – that is rare, that is special and that is why TEILOR’S SMILE reveals the true, happy heart of this picture, and elevates it to a level above the everyday candid or BTS photo.”….. on that pic with Teilor and Alex?

    The pic of him and Tristan struck me the same way. Not as much as an established relationship as Alex and Teilor of course, but this boy has HUGE affection for Alex. It’s in his smile, the tight grip he has on his waist and….I can’t even mention Dusty. I mean, how seriously adorable is that? I dunno, maybe it’s just me but for a young boy his age to be so openly happy is just all kinds of “awwwww”.

  2. Adorbs.

    1) Alex and the latest Baldwin guest star – Alex looks positively GIDDY.
    2&3) The boy!!! DUSTY!!!! Alex holding a Handy-Wipe!!! wait….what?

  3. I think he’s always been great with kids but in a random way I think it’s starting to show more. Example, the Steve and Lucy scenes were genuine and not an act.

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