An H50 set visit for “A Keiki’s Dream” #alexoloughlin #danieldaekim #scottcaan

The original story broke in Dec 2010 and can be read here on Maui News online.

Reposting for new pic that just surfaced, plus it’s just a nice story. 🙂

2010 Chance Esperenza twitter



6 thoughts on “An H50 set visit for “A Keiki’s Dream” #alexoloughlin #danieldaekim #scottcaan

  1. Well, no surprise that Alex was an officer and a gentleman. What a great big kind heart our heartthrob has. Proud to be his fan.

    • Absolutely agree Grace. such a lovely heartwarming story. I.,m so proud of how Alex and all the “OHANA” at Hawaii5-0 treated this brave young man. and he is just Saxon’s age as well. I’m sure Alex thought about that.

  2. Beautiful story and pictures! Love seeing Alex’s glasses even if he is not wearing them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You’re welcome! Always a pleasure to bring a new story to the fans. 🙂 I remember reading this not long after it came out, when I first started researching Alex…March of 2011. I was so impressed by this amazing man..always remembered this story so when I saw the new pic, i figured it was a good one to pull out o the archives. 🙂 Glad you all enjoyed.

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