Moonlight Monday – How can cold look so hot? #alexoloughlin


20 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday – How can cold look so hot? #alexoloughlin

    • I believe he is terribly lonely. I think, we as his friends, should visit and stay a while, to warm him up! He needs all of his friends to exhaust his coldness. If we can’t all fit at one time, I’m sure we would be willing to wait our turn.

  1. I think I’ve finally figured out the freezer thing. Mick needs it more than any other vamp because he would spontaneously combust from his hotness without it.

    And yes, he does need some company in there. Maybe we could all take turns.

      • Yikes…frostbite should be avoided…wouldn’t want anything vital to fall off…vital to my visual enjoyment that is!!!!
        I think he should be concerned about fangirl bites too… i know we would try to be gentle but I’m sure some blood would get spilled…along with other bodily fluids…*shudder*

  2. I wonder if my tongue would stick to him if I licked him 😉 Oh my…I am imagining where I’d like to be stuck to him….*quiver* He could then help me heal my sore tongue after I peel it from his ……

  3. I LOVE you naughty perv’s SO Much!!This is so entertaining LOL.
    BTW Dry Ice is one of the HOTTEST substances on Earth Especially with MICK lying on top of it!!! “Lying on top of it”?????? HOO BOY Excuse me while I turn my fan on– to match the rest of me.

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