New teaser vids for 3.09 H50 #masioka #CThomasHowell #alexoloughlin

Two new teaser clips for Monday’s episode and guess what? These DON’T feature the VS models.

Yes, there is actually OTHER stuff happening in the episode too… 😉

McG chase scene <<–exciting! But for sh/t quality. Really CBS?? This is the best you can produce?? ***UPDATED w YouTube version c/o @sym64 🙂

Max’s crush <<– I totally LOL’d…..SO CUTE!!

14 thoughts on “New teaser vids for 3.09 H50 #masioka #CThomasHowell #alexoloughlin

  1. Max’s crush is VERY CUTE. I haven’t seen Rumer Willis in anything before.

    I couldn’t view the Ponyboy one, Ess – mustn’t be availabe to Oz viewers. Am glad there is more to this ep than VS models, too 🙂

  2. Oh those were two exciting promos 🙂
    Love that McG has got a new superpower, flying out of windows!
    What’s next? anything goes, as long as it’s not being visible cause we REALLY like to see him!

    And Max is the cutest thing ever!

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