*I CAN’T BREATHE* –What is air??– #h50 3.10 new teasers #alexoloughlin #scottcaan


For the love of all that is holy!! What is show doing to me?? It may never be better than this moment….

Thigh Holster

Smiling McGarrett

Smiling Danno

McDanno with kids

Tan Cargos


Uncle Steve telling stories by the campfire

Did I mention Thigh Holster


Call Dr. Andy! I’m down for the count!!


Thank you AGAIN to http://www.bookemdanno.net for the finds!! Β **bows**


25 thoughts on “*I CAN’T BREATHE* –What is air??– #h50 3.10 new teasers #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

  1. Scott looks hotter then ever, love the outfit, Danno finally out of his dress shirt and into a gray sweater and jeans. Gray is really a great color on Scott.
    I wonder if it’s Scott’s own sweater, as he owns one just like that. Wonder if it’s as soft as it looks. πŸ™‚
    Sorry I do a lot of wondering when it comes to Scott, I can’t help it. sigh…

    • It’s the thigh holsters that are the real kicker.
      I mean…WTF why is he wearing thigh holsters??
      What does it really matter, ESS??
      WHY? Because the TV GODS are awesome!!

      it’s the little things that make ESS happy.
      My day improved. 1000000000 %

      • I’m right there with you on.it.all.

        I may have made it past ONE Brownie meeting if ^^they were leading it!!!! (Yup, even at 7 I was a perv)

  2. This. Is. Insane.

    He’s wearing his thigh holster and his smile in front of 10-year girls. Isn’t that illegal? Unwise at least?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Danny in a sweater.

  3. Totes with you Ess!
    What. Is. Air?!?
    *knees buckling*
    Which btw, puts me right at the same level as the TH…..Justsayin πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m sure there would be some of the moms wanting to come along on this trip. ACA should be illegal to wear thigh holster and flash that smile. His ass is perfection wrapped in those snug cargos!! Spontaneous puberty…SO TRUE.. I would have been sent home for bad behavior.. Can’t keep my eyes off the FOY:)

  5. Plain shirt, thigh holster, tan cargo pants each meant to highlight all that is perfection then add in moonlight and campfire all I can say is the tv may self destruct right along with me, I can foresee multiple viewings on this one. Thank you wardrobe department for finally getting something right. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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