BTS pics from 11/27/12 UH Manoa Campus #alexoloughlin

@UHManoa twitpic – thanks to @theFive0s for the find

.@wingsxhi instagram thanks to @bookemdanno_net for the find


Looks like they were filming outside today on campus. Hopefully more BTS pics will show. I’ll post new ones later on if they show.



15 thoughts on “BTS pics from 11/27/12 UH Manoa Campus #alexoloughlin

  1. Please wardrobe…free his massive arms from those constrictive over shirts!! I keep thinking of his interview with ET Canada in season 1 when he said he liked nipples. Me likey too! 🙂

  2. Oh my…his shirt IS inside out….and what’s with the nip action? Is all this gloriousness due to RL or because of show? Pleeeeeeaaaase let it be part of show….maybe McG is chasing criminal around campus shirtless? ….what’s that?….I know it’s a stretch, but it could happen…it coooouuud!!!

  3. I couldn’t get past the guns and the nipples at first to notice the shirt was inside out. But upon closer inspection, it does look that way. I think the guns got bigger, too, between the first few times I looked and that last time. I’ll have to check again to be sure.

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