Short ET Canada intvw w #alexoloughlin about his sleepless nights

Big thanks to @OLaughing for the find!

ET Canada interview link


60 thoughts on “Short ET Canada intvw w #alexoloughlin about his sleepless nights

  1. “I have to give my kids unique names so they don’t go on welfare”. ” your name is Lion O’Loughlin?…you don’t get welfare… go run a county or something”….Bwahahaha…he is so flippin FUNNY and in case i haven’t mentioned it before…CHARMING!!!!

  2. OK!! Just watched it on ET Canada. They fixed the “Scott and his girlfriend” and pronounced Caan correctly.
    PLUS, there was a bit more at the end, after they showed the bit about the cuddling, they cut to:
    Scott: “It was just a funny little moment, we tried and I didn’t know if they were going to use it or not, I’m glad they used it, that’s funny.”
    Alex: “I’m comfortable with Scott on my shoulder, a bowl of popcorn, watching the Notebook, that’s a weekend in for me.”

    • UGH, with the cuddling, the FLRs!!!!!!!

      Hooray for the corrections! I guess that’s one benefit of doing teaser clips — you get instant feedback on stuff like that with the opportunity to fix it before airing. Thanks Momo! πŸ˜€

    • Haha I am glad you said that. I was wondering what was wrong with how they pronounced Caan as it sounded right to me. I was going to say, hate to break it to you kids but that’s how we say Caan. I assume they lost an a some where and that’s what was wrong with their pronunciation?

  3. Exploding your personality!! That’s what makes it great! I enjoyed this page today soooo much. And now, to risk the wrath of what may come with this comparison, I am compelled to say this: every time I look at that pic above, I am reminded of Steve Carell in the ads for 40 year old virgin. I swear if AOL was looking up instead of that direction he is looking, other than the OBVIOUS faaaaaacial differences it would be even more like it. The expression and outfit are so not BAMF it is cracking me up. *now ducks and runs for cover* I’ll even use my alias to post this. πŸ™‚

  4. OMG this is toooooooooooo funny. Actually even more funny when it is side by side. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll even let you be Bonnie!

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