#alexoloughlin gets new bike c/o Cro Customs

This story was around for most of the weekend, but for my non-tweeting friends, you can find the full story on Cro Customs blog HERE and an extra pic at Alex O’Loughlin.org

Excuse me sir, but your happiness is written all over your face…

Alex being Alex… 😉

and a bonus pic of Dusty!!
**so sweet**


13 thoughts on “#alexoloughlin gets new bike c/o Cro Customs

  1. Reblogged this on Lorraine Pearl and commented:
    He looks so happy with his new bike. Gotta love him. Granted, you couldn’t do it on this bike since there’s no room for a passenger, but can’t you just imagine what it would feel like to slide in behind him and hold onto him while he took you for a ride?

    As always, be sure to check out the H50BAMF site fore more of these great posts.

  2. ESS, let me know if you’re okay with me reblogging your posts occasionally. If not, I’ll stop. It’s just sometimes it’s hard not to share them.

    Seriously, I will offer up my motorcycle for him to take us for rides if he doesn’t have one that will hold a passenger.

  3. These are such great pics…I LOVE to see him just being himself…so happy…so relaxed…so contented!!! Great bike too….I hope he manages to find time to enjoy it…oh…and be safe sweet Alex…be safe!!!

  4. I generally don’t like motorbikes. But whatever. So much happiness I’d be like fine go buy your toy. 😉

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