FK James Bond. I say @mike_schaub @larryteng and #alexoloughlin remake Indiana Jones!

Gifs courtesy BookemDanno Tumblr

Lets face it, Alex can do the stunts, he looks great in scruff and tan cargos and can crack a whip. Besides, Indy is much more interesting than Bond!
Add in the brilliance of Mike and Larry and well…there ya go.


26 thoughts on “FK James Bond. I say @mike_schaub @larryteng and #alexoloughlin remake Indiana Jones!

  1. I love Daniel Craig…..he’s not actually goodlooking, but he’s sexy…and has an awesome voice.

    Taryn said he did the stunt himself……bad boy.

    • You can see some hysterical screencaps that BookemDanno has – Justin wearing a tattoo shirt. I think that Alex did a big portion of it, but Justin definitely did the scariest stuff.

      • I would hope they don’t drag him behind the truck!!

        It’s bad enough they let him do the stuff on top of the truck! One small cross breeze and he’d have been face first on the pavement which would be Tragic!!

      • Oh A is way hotter than DC no comparison , but there is something sexy about him. And he used to do plenty of nudity (yay for nudity!)
        As for the stunt it looked like the sequence on the top of the truck was blue screened. And what an awkward way to punch someone in the face…I must try it.
        Anyone have the link to the stills?

  2. Indy & McG? im in!!! πŸ˜‰
    last Monday’s, great humor, great emotional scenes, great great ACTION by Mr McGREAT? BOTTOM LINE, great episode Mr Larry πŸ™‚

  3. We know that Alex auditioned for Bond but we wouldn’t have the pleasure of McG if he had gotten the role πŸ™‚ ACA with all the comments, Alex would be AWESOME as Indy. He’s got the whole sexy scuff and cheeky smile thing going on and the action hero chops to pull the role off. Actually I think Alex is a ‘Harrison Ford’ in the making. I hope he has just as long and distinguished a career.

    • I can easily insert Alex (hee) into any of Harrison Ford’s movie roles and not miss a beat. He’s just on the pretty side of ruggedly handsome, easy physicality, long muscular body, can go from cheeky playfulness to emo to bad ass in 0.0002 seconds.

      He’s a lover AND a fighter. πŸ˜‰

      I hope being McG opens many doors for Alex.

      • Just realised my typo – sexy scruff not scuff! Think I got carried away dreaming of Alex as Indy! I can just picture him as Indy, cracking that whip. I’ve said this before but I think Alex would be great as Jack Reacher, too.

        ACA with your comments above, Ess. We keep saying that Alex can do better than H50 but if it opens doors for him, then I’m all for it. And if the writing keeps improving as it has done over the past few eps, then this season will really showcase what Alex can do.

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