I may literally die watching #h50 3.10 #alexoloughlin @danielhenney

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I think 2.10 is just about the finest piece of television ever shown. Truth.

But I have to say after Peter’s teaser pics for 3.10 it may rival 2.10 for completely opposite reasons! Ok, not really..but…ALL THE FEELSSSSS!

First, there’s THIS: Tan Cargos (check), plaid (check), McG protecting a child (check) yep….all the things needed to break ESS’s mind.

THEN as if THAT wasn’t enough…we get THIS: Daniel Henney in the house!!! That’s just the big ‘ol cherry on top!


27 thoughts on “I may literally die watching #h50 3.10 #alexoloughlin @danielhenney

    • PLAID!!!! and KIDS!!!! and DANIEL HENNEY!!!!! Between seeing these and seeing teilors photo earlier today I have lost the ability to use my words. All I am left with are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adsfglkj:;gjkfd

  1. I also think it’s a girl with braids. When I saw the pic of Adam and his bro I got excited… now Alex in plaid squatting in from of the child has officially pushed me over the edge! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

    • Westy, I’m not even mad the plaid is an overshirt! Hoping for a singlet underneath then maybe at some point he’ll have to take off the overshirt….oh wait, there are little girls around isn’t there!

      Prob shouldn’t so that to the pre-pubescent hormonal tweens….

  2. There has been so much wonderfulness in S3 so far…and now THIS!!! Another ep that I.CANNOT.WAIT.TO.SEE!!!! Alex+Tan Cargos+Plaid+Kids=Ice Cream Sundae…multiply by Daniel Henney=Cherry on Top!!!

  3. Ian Anthony and Daniel Henney in the same episode. What a night…Pure heaven. I will have to take medication to sleep that night.
    Be stll my heart.
    To break my thoughts.. WoFat comes back in that episode

    • Wo Fat returns? Ah! It’s about time. He hasn’t made an appearance this first half of the season so far except for the premier episode.

      Just saw that Will Yun Lee (Sang Min) is on his way back to HI to film some more H50. Seriously, I am so freaking happy and excited about the upcoming episodes I can’t stand it!!

  4. Great news of Sang Min returning to H50. I find it hard to believe I like a child trafficker. The character played by Will Yun Lee adds great dimension to an episode. I also watch Dexter… serial killer. My sense of drama is devious.

  5. I think the writers did a good job with expanding Sang Min’s character in his second episode when he went to see his son and wife playing in the park. Showed that he had a human side…a real “daddy” side. That was nicely written and Will Yun Lee brings a great balance to the character. If you’ve ever read Will’s twitter account, he’s also a super nice guy. Not one of these celebs that post a bunch of crap to their twitter accounts.

    Recently when I got my S2 DVD’s I tweeted him the comment Alex made that he always looked forward to Will being on set because he felt he was one of the most interesting char’s on the show. Will tweeted back that Alex was one of the classiest, nicest guys he’d ever worked with. **love** them both!

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