Huge thanks to @teilorkgrubbs for adorable pic w #alexoloughlin #H50

For all my non-tweeting simply can’t miss this adorable pic!!

I don’t know who’s face is more adorable!

I think this is my new favorite picture! (For today)



29 thoughts on “Huge thanks to @teilorkgrubbs for adorable pic w #alexoloughlin #H50

  1. I adore this picture, thank you for putting this up since I don’t tweet. I love when she calls him Uncle Steve. And doesn’t he look extra hot with the torn jeans and than that gentleness with Teilor……Great job thanks again.

    • You’re welcome, Sue. There are quite a few non-tweeters that follow the blog so I try to get you all the bts pics and candids that they post. No reason you all shouldn’t enjoy the goodies too. πŸ™‚

  2. SOOO adorbable!! I love this pic! Thank you so much for sharing! He is boyish grin is breath taking. I am on the floor..dead. I am so addicted to this man!!!

  3. Such adorableness..from both of them!! Teilor does look smitten doesn’t she? We can’t blame you sweet girl…so are we…SO.ARE.WE!!!

  4. I have no words. I am going to recruit Junk Kicker to make up some words for me. You know, other then frakking awesome.

    • But I like frakking awesome! It totally fits!!

      OK so the physical aspects — torn jeans, tight t-shirt with peek-a-boo tatts, ball cap, Yes, they WORK. They are frakking awesome!!

      But I think you had those words!!

      But thinking about this picture… those clothes are Alex clothes, not (sadly) McG clothes. This was his off time. As an adult human, he has hobbies and a social life to keep him busy. As a lead actor, he has interviews to give and lines to learn and scenes to prepare for. And as a new father he has a million things to do and one place he’d rather be (he has his keys, he’s ready to go!).

      But he takes the time. He bends down. Hand around her shoulder, head on hers. Genuine smile, genuine eyes. This, we feel without thinking, this we know because our intuition tells us, he is sincere and earnest and good.

      But it is TEILOR’S SMILE that makes the picture complete – takes it from the level of being another hot picture of an already hot guy and makes it memorable. It is TEILOR’S SMILE that tells the story of an established relationship and confirms our intutions about Alex – when a man is so obviously loved by an unrelated child – that is rare, that is special and that is why TEILOR’S SMILE reveals the true, happy heart of this picture, and elevates it to a level above the everyday candid or BTS photo.

      At least, that’s what this recruit feels. What do you all think?

      • Damn Steph!! You made my eyes get a little misty!! You said exactly what I felt about this pic but was thinking maybe I was reading too much into it. Teilor’s smile is absolutely the most telling!! Not only her face but I noticed she has her arm around him too. So it’s not just her standing there and him hugging her, she’s hugging him back which is not easy given their size difference!!

        Children are a great judge of character. They tend to shy away from mean people, they often have the ability to see through the BS and the acting, and Teilor being a child actor probably has exceptional skills in this area because you just know she’s around plenty of them. (or maybe not…maybe H50 really is filled with a bunch of wonderful people.. I hope that’s true!)

        It’s really wonderful to see her enthusiasm. πŸ™‚ You could tell she really loves him last year at SOTB when she lunged into his arms on stage…it’s a year + later and it’s great to see that they are still very close. Teilor is one lucky little girl to have this gig to work with Alex and Scott who she has a wonderful relationship with.

        I bet she’s held baby Lion. You know little girls especially are drawn to babies!!

      • Ok this time I REALLY mean “what Steph said”. As in I WISH I’d have said what Steph said.
        You nailed it, babe!
        And Ess, stop killing me with the holding baby Lion.

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