Fabulous Face Friday – seriously. fabulous. by @sabrinanthesand #alexoloughlin #h50

9 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday – seriously. fabulous. by @sabrinanthesand #alexoloughlin #h50

  1. Those lips just need to be kissed!. I don’t think I could stop at the lips tho. He has the sexiest eyelashes!

  2. HALLELUJER!!! Yes he has the most kissable lips and I would definitely vote for him crashing the website down to get him the number one award for that award!!! LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!!!

  3. I LOVE the pic on the left…somehow he seems more beautiful when he’s not looking directly at the camera…and talk about kissable…what I wouldn’t do to lay a few soft kisses on those eyelashes!!!

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