Your #H50 Ohana…and Dot :) #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #gracepark #DDK

Thanks to Michelle Borth for tweeting this treat to us today. 🙂

Michelle: #H50 behind the scenes pic:) Scott’s not hiding, just smelling my hair.. Totally normal. Xo



24 thoughts on “Your #H50 Ohana…and Dot :) #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #gracepark #DDK

  1. I can’t stand the smell of cigar smoke but somehow a man smoking one is so sexy. Alex in a white shirt, bow tie, smoking a cigar, those big hands and big feet now all he needs is a cocktail in his hand well my mind is now mush.

  2. Somehow I don’t think Scotty is smelling Michelle’s hair..looks more like he’s kissing her shoulder. *grin* He’s such a goof. And love how Dot is always close to him. And first look I was actually thinking he was holding a drink but then I saw he was holding his phone. And seems he’s a bigger Cigar smoker then Scotty these days. *grin*

  3. i hadn’t even noticed the cigar until Wanda pointed it out 🙂
    I’m not a fan of bow ties but Alex can wear anything and still be devilishly sexy!

  4. love the fact that everyone is sitting in others chair so OHANA of them, & OMG!!! Alex O’07 is killing that cigar & outfit 😉 dont you just love him looking so mind blowing sexy?

    • “mind blowing sexy”…PERFECT way to describe him kari…in this pic…and pretty much every other one I’ve ever seen!!

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