Uncle Steeeeve!! #alexoloughlin @teilorgrubbs #h50

Yeah, I know Peter wants us to focus on Kamekona and his twin, cuz, brah or whatever but what *I* see???

Uncle Steve and Gracie Monkey holding hands!!! My heart!!


The fact they’re in suits is even a side note here because we haven’t had Uncle Steve since S1!! Please let this happen!!


17 thoughts on “Uncle Steeeeve!! #alexoloughlin @teilorgrubbs #h50

  1. Oh. Hmmm. How about that. Kamekona is in that pic. All I saw was the hand holding & McG in a suit. Them’s some big scooters!

  2. Oh God…UNCLE STEVE!!! Please let this be part of the ep and not just Teillor holding Alex’s hand between takes (even the little girls want to be close to him). If this makes it to the screen I will die…D.I.E.!!!!!!

  3. Ok, looking at this again, I’m wondering if this is in the taping or between takes. Look slightly to the left of Kamekona is a girl behind him with a notepad in her hand. Either this is between takes or the scene takes place with someone like her running around with a notepad…

    Uncle Steve & Gracie or Alex & Teilor??? Gosh, they are both too adorbs to pick!! Both please??

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