Topless Tuesday – The Original by @sabrinanthesand #alexoloughlin #h50


11 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday – The Original by @sabrinanthesand #alexoloughlin #h50

  1. Now it’s official, he is /you are trying to kill me!!
    yummmmmy, sexy, OMG!! I couldn’t survive to this if I were on the same beach…

  2. I always thought this pic was one of his best topless moments (perhaps him being wet has something to do with it!!) and now with the effects and coloring you used here… he looks even more SPECTACULAR!!!

    • Not sure what happened to my original post, but I will say again I LOVE WET MCG!! The water running off his glorious chest and delicious abs. I’m thirsty all the sudden:) The toweling off is totally a fantasy of mine too. Mine ends the same as yours:) I love all these naughty minds here.

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