He knew I needed more plaid in my life #alexoloughlin

Credit to Livingtheflylife on Instagram


*thanks to @HeyD50 for the find.


16 thoughts on “He knew I needed more plaid in my life #alexoloughlin

  1. This man knows what you need!! (the blue shirt is still here though, yes, yes, on the right)
    Not a fan of plaid but I like this one.

  2. The more recent pics I see, I just can’t get over how good he looks now. How is it possible for him to keep getting better looking? I do love the plaid. Now, if he’d just unbutton it a little farther… Wait, I’ll help him with that! Oops, sorry if my hands slip and start on his pants, too…

  3. I don’t care if she wasn’t really a fan and taking the pic for her sister, how could she resist turning around and planting her face right there on that neck and chest??? HOW?? H.O.W?

    Seriously guys, I could just stare at this pic for hours. He’s not dressed to bring attention to himself, he’s just dressed nice casual like any number of dudes you’d pass walking down the street. Except this one will make you trip over your own feet and break your face. Or is that just me??

  4. I don’t always find him attractive in plaid but I gotta agree with ESS on this one!! I’ve BEEN staring at this pic and it’s kinda making me stupid! And Kelly, I KNOW he’s trying to kill me :/

  5. I love plaid…I love plaid even more on him!! He looks so fkn fine here…he has that little twinkle in his eyes…so happy and contented!!

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