I may still be watching this #McRoll scene over & over #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

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That. Last  Gif.





33 thoughts on “I may still be watching this #McRoll scene over & over #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

  1. LOL! I know, right? That whole grisly episode last night was just the background noise for this scene!

  2. I think I’ll just leave this screen up all day so I can sneak a look…every few seconds. The fact that I’m editing a sex scene in one of my books combined with this is not a good thing when I’m stuck at work until 8pm. Pity not McG when I get home.

  3. Thank you Jenny Feldmen ,,,,,. wherever you are … the Halloween tradition still works. Alex and Michelle great acting. The writing and direction of this scene was excellent. The rest of the show was probably good, but after the first five minutes my brain went blank.

  4. His a*s and thighs in those tight white pants in the top gif..”Hello to ‘not so little’ McG.” I watched him climb on top in slow motion on my DVR. Then the caressing of her arm and thigh….TPD…S&T. His playfulness in this scene was so HOT!

    • “His playfulness in this scene was so HOT!” <<—that's exactly what I was hoping for!! To see a flirty, playful McG! We've seen women flirting with HIM but not him turning on the smoothe dog charm. I was hoping we'd see this laid back (heh) version of McG. Having Cath around has really opened McG up.

      • ESS I agree… Steve appearance more relax when intra -acting with Cath. Steve and Mum a more serious role..non-trustfully. Alex with Michelle, and Christine are enjoyable to watch in their roles.

  5. He’s also very considerate, whilst pulling out all the stops. Notice he sort of still holds his upper body up, so as not to crush his girl?

    Woot. Yeah y’all I totes jumped on the bandwagon and watched these a few times. Not so infant like.

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