Fangirl Sunday – A fresh look at #H50 pilot #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

I had a little time and went back through screencaps of the pilot episode. Now that we’re in Season 3, it’s funny what has changed and what hasn’t changed. What I see now was the big “firsts” of faces, places and events that we are now oh so familiar with.

Please allow me to share some of my observations with you and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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61 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – A fresh look at #H50 pilot #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

  1. You did a fantastic job with these screencaps and captions……More please. But don’t do any photos with Jenna Kay or Lori Weston. Any WoFat and Adam would be great additions…..Just saying. Thanks again. Dorian

    • Dorian, I agree completely. Lets not ruin a beautiful thing with shots of Lori especially (at least Jenna could ALMOST act) . Would love to see some Fong too!!!

      • LOVE FONG !!!!
        Sorry ladies I’ll agree to disagree about “Jenna” her story was touching and added a lot to the series {NO JENNA=NO DDG SMILE FROM STEVE WHEN HE IS RESCUED} S&T !!!!! I also liked Lori as a character. {A LOT of us have been a little bit in love with a gorgeous Boss admit it!!!] She was a more than competent actress and a beautiful sweet girl in real life. {I’ve met her}

    • Dorian, Karen and Pommienana, I did really like Jenna Kaye and Laryssa so you may see her in future posts.

      As far as Lauren, she’s gone from show and anceient history. Chapter is closed. The End. I’d rather not discuss her at all on this blog. Too divisive. <<–or in other words, ESS has a hard time keeping her mouth shut and it's not pretty. LOL. 😉

  2. Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed. I’ll probably do another one again but going back to the beginning is a real treat. May need to do epi 2 soon. More great stuff there.

  3. This is great! Love reliving the moments. Love how certain shots “accidentally” kept slipping into the slideshow… Yes please to more navy uniform!

  4. i miss danno’s ties, for sure. i also remembered during the book ’em danno slide, that danno was talking to the perp during his conversation with steve. i think he said something like, “where are you going?” that’s another first–i love when steve and danno talk and the perp is present, and occasionally a participant. comedy! thanks!

  5. Now I remember why I fell head over heels in love with this show. Please more uniform and more sunglasses. He’s beyond the melting point when he wears them! Keep em coming – love it!!! Thanks!!!

  6. OMG YES!!! Our introduction to Commander MG GORGEOUS!!Do i neeed to say the “LEEEEED” rocks a uniform better than any man I’ve ever seen {AND I’VE SEEN A LOT}!!!!!

  7. Thanks for posting this, ESS. I loved the pilot – fell in love with Show from the first scenes between McG and Danny (OK, perhaps Alex in uniform may have had something to do with it, too!). The bromance was a hit with me from the very beginning.

    Hope you do feature Jenna Kaye in future posts. I really enjoyed her character (despite the betrayal) and wish she had been in Show for longer. I thought Larissa did a fantastic job 🙂

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    • ^^^^^ This! Totally this. 🙂
      Also, first picspam, huh? A toast to it then! And to its creator. “Bottoms up (preferably his)”! :mrgreen:
      And thanks for the rerun, ESS. Awesome foreplay for tonite. 😉

  9. AWESOME JOB ESS! Congratulations to you…..I also agree you deserve meet the hole cast and have a weekend ” encerrona” with Alex, hehehe…..and please take good pictures of him and share wit us in another great slideshow.
    Sigh! The pilot……I’m sure H50 could be a show that could last more than a decade and keep growing in audience…….

  10. Sigh…I need to rewatch that jump on the container again, I missed that peekaboo too! Will this never end. I have been going through this pilot endlessly, also making of, only to discover with each new post there was more to capture…

    • LOL!! I have is screencapped, but have to re-watch that “making” part again, cuz I missed the caps too 🙂

  11. Oaky, I had to write my stuff down..
    1. more of the Mercury – we see it in Season 4
    2. First Bum shot – Nice 🙂 🙂
    3. Red mark, Danny hitting Steve – Never noticed either
    4. First Cuz Moment – You mean there are other in that shot beside Steve in a White shirt 😯
    5. Living room – Just a little bit
    6. First Shirtless Moment – Free Tattoo’s on chest
    7. First Shirtless Moment – Free Tattoo’s again

    Great post 🙂 Thank you!

    • I *LOOOOOVE** that you took notes!! WHEEE!!

      1. I got excited when I saw that slide too and realized it was coming true!!
      4. that’s what i’m told. haha
      6 & 7 ❤ ❤

  12. Whoa, I’m late to the party as usual–sorry, got stuck on that First Shirtless Moment a few times (thanks, ESS). Fantastic walk down memory lane. Love the hand gestures and the tie! The bromance! The hurt Steve! The sneaky tats! No orange paint in this one–a quality show.

    • OMG Patricia I AM SO BEYOND EXCITED FOR YOU!!! come back later or tomorrow and tell us how you liked it, ok?? Or i should say how much you LOVED it, because I know you will!!

      • Ess and fellow AOL Admirers…Loved the Pilot.As I’ve said ,started watching around 3rd ep. Back then I had to figure out what was going on. I loved seeing how danno and Steves friendship bloomed. Danno actually hated him at first and it was touching how they became to trust one another and build their BROMANCE. Also I loved the scene with Kono and I think his name is Sang when she took her dress off. OMG!!!.it was great. They have a certain chemistry between the two of them that I enjoy watching. Sang is a likeable bad guy, and I enjoy his character.I think they are all great actors and enjoy the show tremendously. Not too shabby to look at, I might add. Thanx again for the great preview and all your pix and info.

        • Hi Patti (patricia, pastamom, what do i call you? lol)

          So glad you loved the pilot. How could you not? It really is a near perfect 42 minutes of television.

          Oh yes, Sang Min, LOVE HIM!! He’s a terrific bad guy (he’s in the new Wolverine movie also, btw) Kono and Sang Min do have a great chemistry. I love that he has a bit of a soft side to him about his son (and ex-wife), it humanizes him.

          No, not too shabby to look at, any of them. ❤

    • @patricia I never even started till summer reruns.. And never bought TV show DVDs in my life but bought season one and watched and loved it : the Pilot is so wonderful and meaningful, more than i knew you must figure out a way to see it.

  13. Good morning, girls! It’s almost 8am here in Croatia, I just woke up, having breakfast and reading mail… THIS post is the first thing I’m reading and what a way to awake me totally! BAMF and Ohana, mmm… I just rewatched season 1 on our local channel (not TNT), they are now in the middle of season 2 and I’m hoping season 3 is next… thanks for the morning surprise, MWAH

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