8 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday – Don’t believe her Steve! #alexoloughlin #h50

  1. I love the scene! And when he said to her, “wasn’t there a car attached to you?” an she goes, “oh…weird.” I really liked Jenna Kaye – her character was believable and had an interesting back-story. Yes, I was disappointed that she double-crossed Steve, but was kind of sad to see her brutally murdered like that.

  2. Alex does tell a lot of women to “stay” and they don’t…WTF is the matter with them?!!! I’d be a good girl and stay put…whether I was handcuffed (sigh) or not!!!

  3. GraceNotPark – HAHAHA! True!

    Hunny_bee -I loved JK. Truth! I hate that she had to leave the show but they sent her out with a terrific story line and one of the best epis of the entire series. Can that episode ever really be topped? But I digress….I got especially sad on the DVD extra when they interviewed Laryssa and they were filming this episode and she got all emo. 😦 😦 😦 😦 I felt the same way!! Though I shall never forgive her for betraying Steve. #standingbymyman

    • I saw that interview with her too, when she was almost in tears, and I nearly cried myself! I was really sad to see her go =(

  4. I loved Jenna, too. She was an interesting character and her presence enhanced the show and contributed to the McG character development. Agree that it was awful that she betrayed McG but she was desperate to get her fiance back and sometimes people do crazy things for love, right? I liked LO as an actress and thought she had terrifc brother-sister chemistry with Alex. Sad to see her go…..

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