White Hot Wednesday – #alexoloughlin

Slight change to the Wednesday daily theme.

I hope you like it.


So much eye-sexing by Dr. Andy….and yet no one could figure out why the Baby Boom at Three Rivers Hospital.

10 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday – #alexoloughlin

  1. Love love LOVE Dr. Andy!!!!!!!!!! We should have a Dr. Andy week! Soooooo beautiful, so sweet, such lovely smiles. Though I have never seen a Dr. who looks remotely like him. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

  2. Does White Hot Wednesday mean I will see white dress shirts? Pleeese? Maybe for my b’day, the day after the election. I might need cheering up!

  3. What’s not to love?!!!…its our Alex at his sweetest and prettiest!! Dr. Andy makes me melt!!! I think this calls for a TR rewatch!!!!

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