The Oyster Farmer in pictures #alexoloughlin

I’m not really good at writing reviews or recaps so I’m just going to post some pics of some key scenes and let everyone jump in with their comments and thoughts on the movie.

Jack is a city bloke who likes to pick up pretty girls and their dog but apparently doesn’t fit in right away with the local yocals. He needs to find money to help his sister stay in her rehab hospital so he stays up late at night, shirtless (probably pantsless too) and thinks of ways to get money.****OH OH I have an idea!!

Ok, so robbing the fish markets with fruit rollups and a lobster wasn’t my first idea. But whatev. A few tense moments on the way out of town when the cops want to search the truck. “Don’t encourage the pigs, you’ll never get rid of them.” Heh. Love Mumbles. Real. Love.

As Mumbles and Jack are working, Jack asks Mumbles about Brownie’s ex. Mumbles says, “Brownie once told me the thing about Trish is she’s an emotional manipulator and a great fuck….and that my friend is truly terrifying.” Then they are interrogated by the pigs, to which Jack says, “Aw mate, I was heads down working all day..” So off he goes to hang with the local boys again which only gets him another beating because he was watching Mumbles “six”. Anyway, Slug gets what’s coming to him. A swift kick in the junk!ย  Sidebar:ย  You hear that sound? That’s my panties squeeing every time Jack says ‘mate’.

Back at the docks, Ern has a heartattack and loses Jack’s package of money. (Shoulda looked when he asked nice, Ern. Karma’s a mean bitch.) Then we are treated to the first really good emo moment for Jack, worrying about his sister. Poor Jack, his sister practically raised him and now he’s trying to take care of her only to fail. ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  He’s going to have to go with his back up plan. <–see what I did there?

To counteract Alex’s impressive emoting, we’re treated to Alex’s impressive….silhouette. “Wakey, wakey…hands off snakey!!” (one of my fave lines)

Back at home, Jack shows that McG is not the only one with great toe control. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  The next day upon returning home Jack finds Pearl who has just let herself in, which is easy when your home has no doors apparently and he proceeds to ask her about the awkward incident with her and Slug the other night. Jack calls him the “Resident pervert.” A witty exchange and then they are kissing in the sink and he gets a nosebleed. Random moment, anyone??? Jack is a true gentleman (despite the sink incident) and drives her home (that’s not a euphemism). She in turn does what we all want to do…she pets the gecko. Go PEARL!

Another excuse to get Jack in his skivvies comes in the form of a dog race in which Jack doesn’t realize HE has to swim with the dog. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for US) Jack ends up fighting with the dog during the race instead of actually swimming it.

After the race Jack decides to look for his lost package again *hee* giving us the coolest view ever of the old T.S. After being the gentleman that he is by helping Trish with her goods (not a euphemism), she offers to tend to his boo boos. God bless her. BTW…her hand was totally brushing the FOY in that last pic. Smart bitch.

I love Jack’s modesty. Silly boys. Trish asks Jack what he’s thinking and he replies, “Why did you leave Brownie?” crash, bam, boom. That was the sound of her panties crashing. I don’t care what anyone says, IMO that was NOT the answer she was wanting. Look at her face! Look at his body! Nope. Damn Jack for being a gentleman. Ok, I love him for it really….

Jack sees Pearl flashing a lot of cash and starts to wonder if she’s the one who stole his money. He asks his friend Skip (a war vet) what he’d do if he found someone stealing from him. He says he’d steal something they loved. So his next bright idea is to steal the only thing of value she has. Smokey.

What Jack doesn’t know is that Smokey is the dog from hell that eats everything. Including the remote to telly. The problem with this is every time he farts, the channels change so it’s really hard to watch the footy game on TV. OH and it also doesn’t agree with him. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Poor doggie. RIP Smokey

Jack finds out that Pearl didn’t steal his money so he buys her a new puppy that looks like Smokey. Pearl tells Jack that she hopes he stays because he “looks good here.” Flattery works every time on Jack (j/k) and they end up having a little afternoon delight on the docks. Splinters be damned! Then Jack asks Skippy if he’s ever been in love. Oh Jack.. you are so transparent. I love Jack’s response, “I suppose everyone needs a little drama in their life. Makes them feel alive.”

Brownie and Trish get back together and Brownie offers Jack a lease on a lot of oysters if he will take Mumbles with him. I love this scene so much. So very much. Everyone is so brilliant. Speaking of brilliance… then Jack comes upon Mumbles who is cutting up the money and putting it in the bathtub for decoration. This scene. THIS. SCENE!! Jack discovering Mumbles had the money, Mumbles telling him to be thankful that he found it and saved him from a life in jail, Mumbles admitting that he’s apparently got a past too. Alex’s faaace. His fucking face!! I could watch him and Jim Noth do this all day.

Mumbles gives Trish the tub and announces that Jack quit. Jack packs up and leaves to go with his sister but on the train ride out as he passes the houses and the oyster beds, he realizes he has to go back. He’d fallen in love. In love with Pearl, in love with the people, in love with the life. The boy who had grown up in foster homes and orphanages had finally found HOME.


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  1. I’ll let Grace address the footy comment as it’s her (and Westy’s) area of expertise ๐Ÿ™‚

    Firstly, ESS, this is a terrific recap. You’ve captured the best bits of the film for me. I LOLed when I read it, too. I’m a TOFFY because I kind of like quirky, non mainstream stuff and it’s just so darned Australian ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s very back-woodsy (credit: Steph) and my clean freak self is a little freaked out by the basic accommodations and dirt, but I can live with it. Just.

    As I’ve said before, I love Alex is totes Aussie mode. This is such a different role from Mick or McG and it’s nice to hear his Aussie accent. My panties probably don’t squeee every time I hear him say mate as well, people I know say mate (oh God, they actually do). But his vulnerability and the way he is doing everything to look after his sister is so touching and Alex plays this very well.

    I think Alex does comedy really well, too and I love the little quirky bits (and no, not referring to the shower scene), especially trying to steal the money (how Aussie to use a roll up and a lobster – pure gold) and the scenes with poor Smokey.

    “After being the gentleman that he is by helping Trish with her goods (not a euphemism), she offers to tend to his boo boos. God bless her. BTWโ€ฆher hand was totally brushing the FOY in that last pic. Smart bitch.” Love. it. ESS. That scene gets me every time. The expression on Alex’s face and his eyes, the intense way he looks at Trish – ahhh…… Lucky you, Kerry Armstrong!

    Mumbles and Brownie totally rock it in this film. True Ocker (Irish) spirit and sense of humour. ACA that the scene with Mumbles after Jack finds out the truth about the money is terrific. That Jack finds his place in the end is lovely and something I can certainly relate to

    (Actually, I think Mumbles just about steals the show IMHO. Following him, Smokey.)

    And, yeah, whilst not the most romantic scene ever, dock splinters be damned!

    Oh, and what is it with Alex and sexy toe action?

    Look forward to reading everyone else’s comments (especially you, Westy LOL).

    To the non-Aussies of the group, what impression of Australia do you have after seeing this film? I always wonder about that when we make films that the whole world ends up seeing. #justwondering

    Thanks ESS for allowing us to relive this corker of an Aussie flick again. She’s a ripper, mate!

    • “Iโ€™ll let Grace address the footy comment as itโ€™s her (and Westyโ€™s) area of expertise :)”

      I couldn’t NOT go there. When people here think of me they think of two things, rugby hater and SEAL McNerd. Got a reputation to protect. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “my clean freak self is a little freaked out by the basic accommodations and dirt, but I can live with it. Just.”

      I will confess the only TOF related dream I can recall having involved cleaning up his house. I mean come on! Throw the guy a new pair of sheets. Jeez.

      “But his vulnerability and the way he is doing everything to look after his sister is so touching and Alex plays this very well.”

      ACA. I love his vulnerabtility. And it’s a completly different kind of vulnerability we get to see with McG every so often.

      “I think Alex does comedy really well.”

      Because Alex is hilarious in real life I am sure of it.

      “To the non-Aussies of the group, what impression of Australia do you have after seeing this film? I always wonder about that when we make films that the whole world ends up seeing. #justwondering”

      I always worry that people think there is nothing here but Sydney and the outback

      • Thanks, Gracie, for responding to my comments. I must admit to being a little excited about being one of the first to post something (so I’m not a SEAL McNerd, just a garden variety McNerd :)).

        I am sooooo glad you mentioned the clean thing. I’m a bit of a cleaning nut and found the place where Jack lived and the lack of cleanliness a tad disturbing. “Thow the guy a new pair of sheets”. He he, ACA to that.

        Yeah, I think Alex is funny in real life, too. He’s so cute when he’s being, well, cute, and funny. He’s the only good thing about TBUP (sorry, I know this is about TOF but couldn’t help myself).

        “Nothing here but Sydney and the outback”. Amen to that. Since you, Westy and I live in neither, we can vouch for the fact that there is more to Oz than that. Do we speak like the characters in TOF? Actually, we kind of do LOL. Scary thought that.

        • “I must admit to being a little excited about being one of the first to post something ”
          Well I had to go pick up some dvd that came out ๐Ÿ˜‰ and then it was dinner time. But once my chores were done I all but ran to my computer.

          “the lack of cleanliness a tad disturbing”
          His pillow looks like it should have been thrown out circa 1992.

          “Do we speak like the characters in TOF?”
          We do, don’t we.

          • Oh, some DVD that came out. Lucky you. And you have chores? That’s cute.

            ACA to the pillow. McG’s such a neat freak but what poor Jack has to live with is downright criminal.

            Yeah to speaking like the characters in TOF. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi ( or, let’s f/ckn celebrate Australia mate).

            • “Oh, some DVD that came out”
              True to form I watched the story on Navy SEALs first. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s one of the special features.

              ” And you have chores?”
              Something about ‘if you want to keep living here….’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

              “Yeah to speaking like the characters in TOF. ”
              Thoughts on VB as the drink of choice? Thumbs down for me.

      • To Grace:
        “ACA. I love his vulnerabtility. And itโ€™s a completly different kind of vulnerability we get to see with McG every so often.” – SO TRUE. love this comment.

    • Andrea, I love TOF and it makes me want to visit Australia. I think I commented on another one of ESS’s posts that I would like to take a fishing trip to that beautiful river.
      Thanks to all you Aussie girls for your insights. And thanks ESS for another wonderful job!

  2. that’s the most impressive review of that movie I read so far… noone ever tried to show the best of the movie in pictures, but you did a great job

    • Andrea, thanks so much! I am a visual person by nature which is why my blog is a pictorial type. You will find that when I feel passionately about something I get very wordy and well, I just think no one really wants to read my 5,000 word rant on anything. Lol.

      Unlike Grace’s 1,000 word thesis on this movie which is insightful and brilliant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      So many Andrea’s! Do I know you from twitter, FB or tumblr?

  3. Ess you are a LLWL. You did an absolutely smashing job with this recap.

    So after rewatching this film for the *coughs* third time *coughs* I noticed that Jackโ€™s sister does not use her right arm โ€“ hence the rehab. I know that was a point of confusion at some point on Sardonic so thatโ€™s why she still needs to be in rehab.

    I love the idea that it was Jack and his sister against the world and that he moved out into literally the middle of nowhere to be near her and why he got money to help her. He is a selfless person. I also find interesting that yet again we have an Australian story where the hero is in fact a criminal but we still see him as a hero. People who know the story of real life person, Ned Kelly would know what I am referring to.

    I also always thought that this mask he puts on of fruit rolls ups is a shout out to Ned Kellyโ€™s armour but maybe thatโ€™s just me.

    Not so serious comment โ€“ love the forearm tatts.

    A key theme that I feel comes out of TOF is protecting the ones we love. Mumbles protects his son and sides with him against the ex. Brownie looks out (and defends) for Jack, most obviously when he kicks Slugs junk. I also love how Jack moves to stand behind the local fellas and they stand protectively in front of him. Jack is protective of both his sister and Mumbles. This extends with his feelings towards Brownie and Trish. This new kid takes it upon himself to fix a relationship that has been in turmoil for a while now and repairs what no one else in the town has seen to be able to fix. He ensures that mini-Brownie (I canโ€™t recall the sons name) grows up with a stable family unit and both parentals under the one roof. Something Jack and his sister, we assume, never had. Jack is better off for having moved to the town, but the town is also better off when Jack arrives. He saves Brownies marriage, family as well as his livelihood.

    Another key theme for me is mateship, which is a cultural idiom here in Australia. It is especially tied to the working class and those who have served.

    Yeah Iโ€™ve seen this movie way too many times. Oh wait. Itโ€™s only three times. LLWL.

    โ€œPoor Jack, his sister practically raised him and now heโ€™s trying to take care of her only to fail.โ€

    The sadness and heartache Jack would have felt at this point in time is so sad. Poor emo Jack.
    โ€œ โ€œWakey, wakeyโ€ฆhands off snakey!!โ€ (one of my fave lines)โ€
    And in another great move by the writer and director, we donโ€™t let the movie get too heavy and weighed down in serious matters.

    The dog race. I love how everyone else jumps the gun and gets into the water before the guy says go.

    I know everyone else is staring at Alex in his boxer briefs but one of the stand out moments of this scenes is when Trish says to him โ€œyou donโ€™t say much do you Jack?โ€ (or something to that affect, I have long since stopped writing notes by this point). It is true, Jack is very quiet, but Trish knows not to be fooled by this, Jack is observant and he shows this time and time again.

    โ€œOr Smokeyโ€™s dead meat.โ€
    Is this an Australian saying (like chock a block) or do you kids say this too?

    โ€œHe asks his friend Skip (a war vet) what heโ€™d do if he found someone stealing from him. He says heโ€™d steal something they loved.โ€

    Ah Skip, how I wished they touched on his storyline more. I donโ€™t know if you guys know but in Australia, for the Vietnam War we had conscription and the way in which we treated those men (who were forced to go to war) when they returned was truly appalling. I think here Skip is referring to the life of his that was stolen. He was used to kill and then spat out and left in a world who couldnโ€™t relate to nor understand the horrors he saw. I donโ€™t think Skip ever got passed it as seen by the newspaper articles he still has up in his home.

    Smokeyโ€™s death scene. Oh Smokey. I laughed but was mortified at the same time. We also see the development of the relationship between Mumbles and Jack, with Jack going to Mumbles to seek help. He knows he can trust Mumbles to not only ask too many questions, but to be there for him. Goes back to my earlier point of mateship.

    Again, thatโ€™s rugby. We donโ€™t like that sport. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Change that station Smokey. Good dog. The only good thing about rugby, is that rugby top Jack wears. Much love.

    โ€œBrownie and Trish get back together and Brownie offers Jack a lease on a lot of oysters if he will take Mumbles with him. I love this scene so much. So very much. Everyone is so brilliant.โ€
    Me too! Jack has finally found a family and a place to belong. Friends are, after all, the family we make for ourselves.

    โ€œJack packs up and leaves to go with his sister but on the train ride out as he passes the houses and the oyster beds, he realizes he has to go back.โ€

    Ok I love it when he gets off at the station and then just stands on the platform looking downwards, all pensive. I canโ€™t really explain it, but itโ€™s a shot that always stands out in my mind.

    I love this move. Can you tell? Iโ€™m keeping this baby under 1,000 words so Iโ€™m shutting up now.

    • This is truly inspired Grace. A real lesson in Australian culture. And, yes, I can tell you like this movie ๐Ÿ™‚

      I agree that the Skip story could have been further developed. As you say, it is touched on with the clippings and discussions with Jack. I often see bumper stickers on cars showing that the driver is a Vietnam vet and I want to stop alongside the car and show my support. It was indeed a terrible war for these soldiers, not only what they saw in Vietnam but what they had to come home to.

      Interesting observation about yet another Aussie film with the hero as a criminal. One of my kids has just done an assignment on Ned Kelly and had to discuss that very issue – why we celebrate heroes in our country who rebelled against authority and in the case of bushrangers, were actual criminals. And the mateship thing is very strong. I kind of like all that about Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Haha thanks mate. It helps that this is the third time I’ve had to analyse it, though I think the Sardonic peeps will notice I tried to pick up different things this time around for them.

        Skip – his story is probably one of the harder ones to expand upon when the international component of your audience, for the most part, won’t know the back story behind the Vietnam War and it’s impact here.

        Mateship. So much love for mateship.

    • Infant:
      ~The forearm tatts always were and will aweways be purely awesome! I miss them. Very much. RIP FATs.
      ~On this watch I very much felt the heaviness in Jack’s heart about his sister and his helplessness. I felt it before but it was very strong. Maybe it’s because I was screencapping and reeeeealy watching the facial expressions. Wow. So powerful.
      ~His friend Skip, what I was surprised about was how easy it was to cut him out of the story line. Really besides the one i included, I didn’t find him particularly important to the story. in fact, his scenes seemed oddly random. Also wish this had been developed more. Partly because I know how much Jack means to him and to see them together is gold.
      ~Our Vietnam vets weren’t treated much better ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • “the facial expressions. Wow. So powerful.”

        He’s been good at those from day one. Obviously. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Grace, Australia wasn’t alone in the shameful treatment of Vietnam vets. The US history in that regard was also disgraceful. So so many of these men could never get their lives back on track and became homeless. Because so much of the country was against the war, returning soldiers were reviled for their participation even though, as you said, most had no choice. Not a pretty page in our history.

      • Yes, that’s true of Australian Vietnam vets, too. We have so much love and respect for our WW1 and WW2 vets but it can be tough being a Vietnam vet. As you say, they came home to such a negative reaction by the public. I can only imagine how hard that must have been.

        I’ve just recently see a great Aussie film, The Sapphires, which is an interesting story (based on real events) about a group of Aboriginal women who sang for the troops in Vietnam – some heavy stuff in there with events of the war juxtaposed against issues of racism. The film received a 10 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

      • I’d like to think we’re better this time around but how we treat soldiers who come back with PTSD and injured is pretty pathetic.

  4. Andrea, how I came to do a write up for TOF was through a friend at work. He had some how found out about a student at the Univeristy of Dayton Ohio who had gotten reviews from volunteers on 100 US films and was writing a thesis on how public servants are depicted in film. She then wanted to do a comparison to Australian films. There was a list of 100 films, you had to pick which one you wanted to write on. There were certain questions we had to reply to and we had to do some basic character studies. I was so happy when I found that TOF was on the list. He did Young Einstein. I only wish I could see what she ended up including in her final thesis.

  5. Loving the comments so far! Those that have known me for awhile know my love for this movie rivals Infants…so I will be back later for proper responses. This merits more than a tag from my phone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Extremely cool recap and equally cool comments. All I got to say is, I was so delighted watching this film for the first time, to see Alex’s amazing talent shine through. He struck the perfect chord for this character, a totes different character than any other I’ve seen him play. And he totes held his own with a cast of very respected, even revered, experienced actors. Good on ya, Mate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Sooooooooooooo a list of observations, from my absolute favorite Aussie flick EVER,
    The Oyster Farmer:

    (Just so you know, in my head this list reads with an Aussie accent)

    – Awwwww……look at what Jack Flange is wearing! A white t-shirt covered by a blue button
    down….a wee bit of foreshadowing?
    – God, how great is it to hear his voice, his accent, coming out of THAT FACE?
    – The forearm tatt’s, I will probably take heat for this, but did they ever look good?
    They look like they are 30 years old, give or take a decade.
    – Ok, so if oyster are an aphrodisiac then the oyster farmers must all be getting a lot
    of the sexting. (and I want you to know that I actually spelled aphrodisiac right!)
    – 1 word “macrame”
    – I love that that shower is so dirty that he has to put his slippers on before he enters,
    or is it that I love that he stops to put his slippers on before he steps on the dirt?
    – Favorite Quote from the movie:
    “She’s an emotional manipulator of the worst kind and a great fuc*, and that my friend
    is a truly terrifying combination” – Mumbles (or as told to Mumbles by Brownie about Trish)
    – Pearl’s Hairy Checkbook……um, ewwwwww! But hey lets hear it for a fellow h00ker!!
    – Back to back scenes featuring the original tramp stamp!! Who else wanted to grab DAT A$$
    when he was bent over looking under the seats in the little boat?
    – Jack wears button fly jeans……hhmmmm.
    – Awwwwww, Jack is modest……or is he just giving it a little grab to wakey wakey his trouser snakey
    so it appears he is endowed?
    – So you’ve got a packed lunch, bravo.
    (I think that line should have been done with much more fanfare,
    like this “So you’ve got a 7 COURSE MEAL PACKED LUNCH,
    – The intense look he’s giving Trish when he asks her why she left brownie

    Those eyes, THAT FACE!!
    – Ok Jack needs to work on his problem solving skills. He approaches his problems, and obstacles
    almost in a childlike way;
    *I’m gonna rob the fish market, I think I’ll sew together a fruity roll-up and make a mask
    (really? well I guess since you can eat the evidence and not leave any DNA it sorta works)
    *Taking Smokey to get Pearl to cough up the money he thinks she stole from the post, and using
    gum to tack his little “ransom” note to the door. (next time use duct tape you silly NotMacGyver)
    *Ripping Diesel out of Heaths hands so he can win $6,000 on the race (Diesel was 100/1 odds)
    Silly Jack, you know so little about this dog race thing that you didn’t even know you had to swim!
    I’m not sure who was a sorrier sight in the water, Jack or Diesel?
    *Kissing Pearl for the first time…bit nervous there Jack? you went in like a horny 14 year old
    – Mumbles & Jack staring at Smokey as he lays there suffering….and farting…and changing the
    channel on the tellie…..Poor Smokey RIP.
    – The dock scene……for the purpose of doing my homework I may have watched it at least 2 dozen times.
    It was a horrible experience (plus added to the hundred some odd times I’ve already seen it, I believe
    I can now hit a mental replay button and see it in it’s entirety in MY MIND)
    – Poor Mumbles……Brownie and Jack are soooo mean to him….hey Da lets give Jack here a lease, whats the catch?
    well you gotta take him with you…..if he hasn’t croaked in a year we have to renegotiate (That smile, the laugh, THAT FACE).
    So mean, but one of my favorite scenes of the movie, it flowed very naturally.
    – 1 word “Origamied”
    – Poor Jacks $150,000 “Origamied into a bathtub”…..I think there really is something wrong with Mumbles. Crazy coot.
    But I do love Alex getting to show some range with his angry, foul-mouthed, temper tantrum.
    – Jack’s place is so very very dirty & moldy that I don’t even understand how his sister noticed the hole in the “carh-pet”
    – Bye Bye Jack
    – Jack’s Back!!
    – Screw the parh-tee, lets go take a soak in the $150,000 claw foot jacuzzi tub out in the mangroves!

  8. ESS! Love the pictoral review!!! I don’t have my notes with me – full response will have to wait until tonight, but I love this.

    It took me months to finally see this movie – (no one ever told me how good it was *cough*) but I absolutely loooove it.

  9. I really wanted to join in this recap…Zzzzzzzzz….oh sorry. Um, well you all know my feelings on this movie ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think it would have been much better if Pearl had been played by JLo.


    I’M KIDDING!!!!

    I give it a very generous 7/10. Six of those points are for Jack’s last name.

    SHEILA, where are you?? Come and side with me against these obsessed TOFFYS!

    (This whole post will make absolutely no sense whatsoever to anyone reading this who is not from Sardonic.)

  10. I have seen this movie more times than I care to admit but it never gets old. My favorite scene is when Jack finds out mumbles has the money. I love the way AOL is on the verge of tears but doesn’t break down completely.
    And the dock, the dock! Our first glimpse of that perfect bum.
    Everyone in the film was so convincing. I would love to see Alex in more roles like this; it’s hard to believe this was his first big part.

    • “My favorite scene is when Jack finds out mumbles has the money. I love the way AOL is on the verge of tears but doesnโ€™t break down completely.” – that scene is just so beyond perfect. The two of them together was so powerful. The admission by Mumbles so surprising. Jack’s response so……..perfect.

      Well, except for this one thing. I still say he should have told Mumbles WHY he stole the money. I don’t get why he didn’t. He wasn’t *just* a theif. He was 24601. (Les Mis anyone??)

  11. Ess, wonderful job! Nothing wrong with doing a recap in pics. I love it! We have the visual thing in common. At least we can use the excuse “a picture tells a thousand words” to not do that much in writing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Amazing recap Ess, so hilariously funny “She in turn does what we all want to doโ€ฆshe pets the gecko. Go PEARL!” & “BTWโ€ฆher hand was totally brushing the FOY in that last pic. Smart bitch.” these two lines made me LMFAO so funny. Alex was so fantastic in this movie such a great emo performance & idiots say he can’t act Ha!!! well to them I say WHATEVER!! watch this movie. *sidebar* Hee my panty’s also totally Squee!! when Jack says “Mate” sexy Aussie accent lol. I also think H50 makeup department should watch this movie just to see that no make up will ever be as good as a free gecko lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #geckolove

  13. ESS, I will never see TOF in the same light again.

    Next time I watch I will have this post in my head with all your comments/asides popping up to give me a totally new perspective. I may actually enjoy its next rerun! thanks.

    This was a great read thanks for starting my day with a smile.

    P.S. great selection of pics to complement those wordee thingies. You are a brilliant maestro. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Andrea you asked what we thought of Aussies after watching the movie. I honestly can’t say it gave me a big impression one way or the other. I mean, i get that it’s a regional thing probably. Like in the USA we have so many different regions.

    • Thanks for responding ESS. As I said, i do wonder what the rest of the world thinks of Australia, especially when they see movies like TOF. I remember when Crocodile Dundee came out – what an impression to give the world ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I didn’t take notes. It was only my second time watching, and I got caught up in it. Again.
    I โ™ฅ this movie.

    More than one character in this movie could have been named “Mumbles”, but the second time around I caught a lot more of the dialogue!

    I had to google map the location after watching. Because really, where is this place? It’s not any of the images of Australia that I have in my mind, and I was a little surprised to find out where that river actually is! I figured it was in the middle of no where, and that train trip to the city would take HOURS. Um, yeah, wrong.

    So Aussie gals, who has actually been to Hawkesbury River?

    I love Jack. But he needs some lessons in housekeeping. And to develop a little *ahem* endurance.

    “packed lunch” may be one of my favourite phrases from a movie ever.

    Thanks for the youtube link Ess. I don’t actually own this movie (I know, I call myself a TOFFY and I don’t even own a copy) so hooray for youtube!

    • “So Aussie gals, who has actually been to the Hawkesbury River?” Not me Momo. i live quite a long way from there (and Westy lives a long way from anywhere!). I can tell you some corkers about Western Queensland though. Now, being out there is a very interesting experience. There’s actually a place called Banana. #truestory

  16. ESS I just got back from Hawaii and SOTB!!!! i simply LOVE your review of TOF. and all the wonderful comments made by everybody. BRILLIANT. Love the wine /beer thing. I notice that when i go to any AIF events in California. The beer is always “STELLA” I do think Australia has many many very fine and delicious wines.The Oyster Farmer is like an instant trip to Australia and makes me want to visit my cousins in NSW and Victoria

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