New #alexoloughlin BTS pic from DDK

danieldaekimDaniel Dae Kim1h
“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” -Scott Caan (via Sigmund Freud) #H50
PS..  This is not the place to have a smoking vs non-smoking debate…Alex is a grown man.  
Just enjoy the pic pls. Thanks!

18 thoughts on “New #alexoloughlin BTS pic from DDK

  1. Is he wearing his ultra cool tigger fingerless glove?
    btw – see that hot tub behind him? I’ve got some great ideas for it that involve him, his cigar, and nudity……..also….please keep this photo away from Monica Lewinsky.

  2. This pic so god damn hot I can’t stop looking at it, he makes cigar’s look sexy but then everything about this pic is sexy, he is most definitely gods gift to women everywhere *fans self vigorously* 😉

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